About us


  • Best possible software ergonomics
  • Functional and intuitive interface design
  • High standards of quality software development
  • Extensive functionality closely geared towards operational practice
  • Future-oriented software design
  • Excellent support
  • High level of customer satisfaction


“The cost-effectiveness is outstanding. Nowhere else can you find so much useful functionality and high quality of service for such relatively low investment costs.”


Richard Ries, Englert GmbH & Co. KG, Wertheim


2020: With the release of version 12.0 and the associated redesign, the course has been set for the future of BIOS-ERP.


2014: With the entry of Patrick Brumund the Software-Haus family is complete. The integration of the younger generation reflects the future-oriented and constant development within the company.


2006: Oliver Brumund joins the developer team.


2000: BIOS-2000 is continuosly maintained and developed. Further funcionality is integrated.


1995: The development of BIOS-2000 for Windows is started and first released in 1998.


1990: DAVOS-80, a PPS system adds production management capabilities.


1983: Software-Haus Brumund GmbH is founded in partnership with Peter Stadler. By this time BIOS-C80 is already in use in multiple companies.


1980: Dieter Brumund founds Software-Haus Brumund as sole proprietorship with the goal to develop software products for small and medium-sized businesses.