Years of experience

  • In business for over 40 years (est. 1980)
  • Large and steadily expanding user base
  • Our software grows alongside our customers’ diverse and versatile requirements
  • Continous adaptation to the ever changing requirements of modern business organisation (APIs, new technologies, processes and insights)

Strongly influenced by practical experience

  • BIOS is developed in close collaboration with both manufacturers and merchants
  • Deferential handling and realization of customer requests
  • Competent and swift assistance with personalised modifications

Best possible support

  • Capable, always friendly support 
  • Rapid response times and quick solutions
  • Software updates are published regularely
  • Remote maintenance is possible

Optimized usability

  • Intuitive and simple operation
  • Programmatically supported workflow
  • Explicit database structure, self-descriptive nomenclature, simple interface creation
  • Favourable cost-benefit ratio due to short and inexpensive training periods as well as swift deloyment

Certified quality

All BIOS accounting and finance modules have been tested and certified by TÜV Süd.



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